Purging Again.

Miss Buffet

I have been thinking a lot about my time as a homemaker, lately. I’ve been feeling tired and dejected in my work. I try giving myself pep talks to get back on track, but they have not been working. I’m not as fast as I used to be when it comes to cleaning my house.…… Continue reading Purging Again.

It’s been 6 years!

OMG! It’s been 6 years since I updated this blog. A lot has happened. Probably much more than any one person would ever want to read. More than I would want to post anyway. Let’s see. Daughter got married and has 2 kids. Bought a house, sold it and bought another house. Son graduated from…… Continue reading It’s been 6 years!

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Closet Space for Ellie

With our daughter moving back in with us we have to figure out ways to incorporate two households into one. Closets are non-existent in our basement and we don’t really want to build permanent structures when she may be moving back out on her own in 1-5 years. While perusing YouTube for DIY portable closets,…… Continue reading Closet Space for Ellie

DIY Jewelry Organizer

LOVE LOVE LOVE This! Yeah, I know I’m on a Christine kick, but she’s awesome. I have so many mix and match things it would be nice to have everything matching and cohesive for a change!  

DIY Drawer Dividers

Christine Kobzeff has a great tutorial on how to make your own fancy drawer dividers. I can’t see putting this much trouble into my husband’s drawers. I’ll just buy black foam board for him. He’s easy! But for me… I totally love the pink and black damask. This woman is super thrifty. Drawer dividers are…… Continue reading DIY Drawer Dividers

Organizing the Drawers

I have spent a little time trying to get the house under control since our daughter will be moving back home in a few weeks, with the addition of our first grandbaby coming in December. We are converting the entire basement to her new “house”, so that means my office must come upstairs. The only…… Continue reading Organizing the Drawers

RAK for Jodi

Jodi, Here are your RAK files.  Let me know if you need changes: color, text or otherwise. I set each list up as a separate instead of one long dashboard.  That way you can mix and match the daily headers, todo/shopping/notes headers with the checklists.   Jodi_01.pdf Jodi_02.pdf

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Types of Procrastination…

What kind of procrastinator are you? I took this quiz and must say that I am not surprised at my results. The Perfectionist cdn8.steveseay.com You fear whatever you are doing is not good enough. There is always a pinch of something missing. You do things slowly, thoroughly and constantly review your work to make sure…… Continue reading Types of Procrastination…