You can call me Sharon.  I am a wife of 1, mother of 2, grandmother of 2.

I am a housewife and I write books.
I cuss a bit, make inappropriate jokes and sometimes post videos that contain foul language.  
You have been warned. There are many faces of housewives.  
All are not wholesome Donna Reed types.  Martha Stewart is a convicted felon.
Moving on..

I have a lot of interests most of which never get any of my attention.   I read books, play golf, garden, walk miles to the store, stomp in mud puddles, mow my name in the lawn, fish, go hiking and occasionally roller blade.  I long for the days when I can be a middle aged woman (I’m 48, now) with the carefree notions of a 20 yr old, but with more money.

Peace out, sister!

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