Closet Space for Ellie


With our daughter moving back in with us we have to figure out ways to incorporate two households into one. Closets are non-existent in our basement and we don’t really want to build permanent structures when she may be moving back out on her own in 1-5 years. While perusing YouTube for DIY portable closets, I ran across this video!

Visit Whitney White on Youtube!

We don’t have a lot of money to put towards the household merger and building her a closet or buying prefab closets. However…. We have a bunch of shelves, 6 I think, that used to be cornices for the windows in my sister-in-law’s house. All I need now are the rods!

I’m still tossing around the whole PVC closet idea which may be better in the long run. With that system, I won’t have to repair holes in the wall when we take down the cornices.

Decisions. Decisions.

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