Due Today?


Time just has a way of not staying put.  I mean seriously, if I write an appointment on a calendar or even set a reminder in my phone, there is no guarantee that I will actually pay attention to it.    I have a really bad habit of just sliding the “ignore” button on my phone when a reminder pops up.  And Paper Calenders… are you serious?  I probably don’t know where the fuck it is right at the moment.

I have been trying really hard to STOP ignoring the reminders I set on my phone.    One of the crazy things I do is set multiple reminders for the same event…2 MINUTES apart starting 10 minutes before I have to do it!  If it requires travel time, I estimate the amount of time to travel to such destination and arrive on time then add 30 minutes to that just in case I am still in my pajamas.  It’s not likely I will be too far from my house, so a quick dash to change clothes and put my hair in a bun makes me somewhat presentable.

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