DIY Natural Plant Markers

My New Plant Markers

I inherited a wheelbarrow full of pond rocks from my mother-in-law when she was dismantling her pond.  They were just too pretty to ‘throw away’, so I salvaged the rocks and brought them home with me.  Those rocks lay on the side of my house all winter long and I lamented over what to do with them.  Use them as decoration in my current beds?  Use them as a border for a new bed?  What?

Then it hit me as I was digging through my seeds the other day!  I hate those little plastic markers you stick in the ground.  They just don’t look natural.  So, I grabbed a handful of rocks, a sharpie marker and got to work.

My New Plant Markers
My New Plant Markers


I still have more to do, but this is a good start.      đź™‚

I don’t have the best handwriting in the world, but I figured the worms won’t mind.  They can’t read, can they?

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