Square Foot Gardening & DIY Window Boxes



I have very limited space for gardening.  This visual has helped me understand the amount of space a plant needs to grow whether it’s in a pot or in one of the flower beds around my house.

Square Foot Gardening has a free planner!  SFGPlanner link

I have two windows on the front of my house with plenty of space below the window to build window boxes before you hit the brick.  The wooden inserts below the window right now are looking pretty shabby.  I was thinking of making window boxes out of composite decking so they never rot.  What do you think?  A good idea?

My herbs would be very pretty in the window boxes or maybe just the lavender.  🙂



Bob Villa has a nice tutorial for the DIY’r if you’d like something a bit fancier!
Click for tutorial


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