New Taco Cupholders

1999 Toyota Tacoma 4WD, BFG AT tires & whatever engine comes standard. (I’m a girl, cut me some slack) Gets a decent 17 mpg on the highway and I haven’t figured out why I can sometimes get 21 mpg rock climbing…

I bought this truck in 2013. It had 120K miles on it. In two years I think I am up to 148K… still barely broke in by Toyota standards. Other than fixing the square cupholders, squeaky seats and removing the bad wiring from the shell, I haven’t done much as far as modifications go. I do have plans though.

New Cupholders. I HAVE to have my coffee!!!

I used a set of snips and cut off the window insert part of the cup holder that hangs from the door. I used a sanding block to smooth over an rough edges where the plastic might have been sharp. The “hooks” in the bottom of the picture went into the recycling bin.

Next I trimmed off the edges of my pool noodle so that the foam disc wouldn’t be visible under the center circle of the cup holder. The foam pool noodle disc is to provide some cushion and allow any “sweat” from the cup to drip into the bottom so that when I take a drink, cup sweat isn’t dripping on my shirt.

I pre-drilled holes in the cupholder inserts but not the actual cupholders in the console. I placed the pool noodle disc underneath the center of the insert and screwed my screw through the insert, noodle and into the console cupholder on both the front and back cupholders.

Ready to Roll without my round cup tipping over in a square cupholder. Square… wtf.

2021 Update… It’s been 6 years since I installed these cupholders and they are still working great. I thought I would have to replace them every couple of years, but the original ‘fix’ is still in the truck and going, going, going every day!

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