Back in the Saddle?

Well, by now the whole world knows I quit my job.  The last couple of years working on the railroad have taught me a lot about life and the people stomping around on this planet.  We are all meant to contribute something to this planet.  I finally figured out that my job is not in corporate work.  I still feel guilty about not having a paying job that contributes financially to this household, but I am learning to get over that.

My contributions to my household, my marriage and this planet are best served by being me and working within my home and the confines of my tiny little brain.  I get overwhelmed easily and anxiety and panic attacks ensue.  Not exactly a good mix for working with other people.  So in an effort to get better and learn to work with the dealings inside my head, home is where I need to be.

That being said… I have huge ideas, lists of tasks I want to finish, piles of long forgotten chores that need doing, and an ever-consuming urge to get back to my roots.  I am missing my farm life.  The conundrum is that I live in the city.  Moving to the country just isn’t feasible at the moment and may not ever be, so I have to find ways to fit the country back into the city.

I have this book somewhere… either in my basement or at my Mom’s house.  It was one of my favorite books as a child.

There are some things I just can’t do in the city.  Our subdivision has restrictions in place that do not allow critters, so no cows, chickens, goats or horses for me.  So, I must work with what I have.

  • a 1/4 acre lot on a culdesac – 10,890 sq.ft
  • a house that takes up about 2000 sq ft, so that roughly leaves me 8,890 sq ft minus sidewalks, drive ways, patio, etc
  • the front yard must be kept in tact – Subtract about 1/2 my land so, I am left with approx 4800 sq ft in the back yard
  • I have not been able to convert the Mr. into tilling most of it for a garden and it doesn’t get much sun anyway.  I can grown hostas and ferns, though. lol

So, basically, I am left with the flower beds that skirt the perimeter of the house.  I must learn how & what to plant in each of these areas to get the most out of the little growing space I have.  I am starting with a relatively clean slate, a few shrubs here and there that will probably have to come out and a handful of seeds.


I have a lot more in my gardening basket in the garage.  Most of these seeds are at least 6 yrs old.  They’ve been stored in a cool dry place, so I hope they’re still good!

Wish me luck!

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