March To Do List

I am a list maker.  Every morning I get my coffee and sit down at the kitchen table and write out what I would like to accomplish today.  I also have a notebook that I keep a running list of projects I would like to do around the house.  I am a few days behind on my March list, so here goes…

Call Mom on the 4th – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Call my brother on the 27th – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Make my own face cream & compare it to my favorite brand
Strip the linoleum in the old laundry room in the basement & install new flooring
Move my freezer & food storage to the newly finished old laundry room – now  new pantry
Map out my gardening plan for the year
Change the oil in the truck (I do this myself… tutorial anyone?)
Check my tornado preparedness kit
Research off grid tiny houses
Start repairs on the 8ft x 120ft retaining wall in our backyard (ugggh)
Make new curtains for breakfast room and living room
Hang the pictures in the Man Cave that have been sitting on the floor for 2 years!!!
Purchase new blinds for dressing room
Purge my office
Detail clean the car & truck
Migrate my old blog to this one
Commit to HIIT every day!!
Menu Planning – I have to become more consistent with this!
DIY Tiling the kitchen & bath floors in our home
Our fiasco with an opossum in our house! which coincidentally led to tiling the kitchen floor
Flower Gardening
Vegetable Gardening – starting seeds
Series: Cleaning & Organizing your home
Thrift store furniture finds

I should probably start on my office since I spend most of my computer time on the laptop at the kitchen table.  I rarely use my office.  Maybe there’s another use for it and I’ll just keep my laptop upstairs?

I don’t know… this whole reinvention of the new me seems like a lot of work!

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