WOW 2014 = 3 posts

If I had any followers on this blog, they surely all flew far far away last year.  3 posts.  That is pitiful!   In retrospect, last year was a difficult year for me.  Lots of sickness in our family.  My mom was in the hospital on and off for 6 months with a total duration of pretty close to 4.5 months of hospitalization total!  Holy Crap!

My sister had a baby!  Her first!  This little cutie is my newest niece.  She’s 6 months old now and I still haven’t seen her in person! Bad Auntie.  About a week after she was born my sister was hospitalized with lung complications from the pregnancy & delivery.  She was in the hospital for a few weeks as well.  She is doing much better now and this little bug is growing like crazy!


Our dog, Baxter, is chasing squirrels and garbage trucks in the sky. 😦


And this little rug rat turned 1!!  Still haven’t seen this kid, either!  I tell ya!  I am a horrible Aunt!


I started having anxiety issues again.  Not sleeping.  Or rather, sleeping 4 hours and getting up at 2 AM and not going back to bed.  In these bouts of insomnia, I did read 26 books last year! WOW, the most I’ve ever read in a year, I do believe.

Ok, I know!  Enough with the babies and dogs.  Later ya’ll.

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