You suck at covert operations, Mr.


It’s been over a year since I posted.  I really need to work on being a little more consistent. Maybe it’s because I’ve cut back on my coffee consumption.  Most likely it’s because I have a full time job that has mandatory overtime and I was ignorant enough to think that I had enough time to go back to school full time as well.


Speaking of Stupid …

SOMEBODY made chicken alfredo and left it in my fridge in a cottage cheese container while I was at work last night.  I don’t know who did this, but thank you.  I know it wasn’t Mr.  He was at the football game all day yesterday.  I suspect it was one of his moms but his efforts to conceal it as cottage cheese have been thwarted.

First Mistake: You didn’t eat it for breakfast before I got out of bed.

Correction:  Always wrap up all the loose ends.  Always.


Second Mistake:  It’s in a Cottage Cheese container.  Now, this might work in another household as camouflage, but not here.  When was the last time anyone in this house ate cottage cheese?

Correction:  In order to eat the Chicken Alfredo for a snack when you came home, you should have insisted that the Mother use a leftover container similar to one that we already own.  Don’t stand out.  Learn to blend in, sir.


Third Mistake: It was in the FRONT of the fridge, screaming it’s presence in front of the freshly washed grapes, de-capped strawberries, left over homemade chicken soup, my favorite olives and artichoke hearts swimming in olive oil.  My first thought was, “WTF? Cottage Cheese?”  Imagine the glory when I opened the container and saw lovely penne pasta and chicken breast swimming in a creamy white sauce.

Correction:  Even if you couldn’t avoid to conspicuous container, shoving it behind everything else in the fridge might have saved it for you later.  Getting lost in a crowd sometimes works even if you aren’t conspicuous.


Mike – you need to work on your espionage techniques.

I’m watching you.

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