Simplified Connections

I don’t know if it is just a reaction to sensory overload or really wanting to be disconnected, but I find myself turning off electronic devices more and more. Hell, in the last ten years, I’ve quit two jobs that required me to be connected nearly every waking minute of the day. I’ve been thinking lately about my connections to the Interwebs, social networking in particular. Yesterday, I asked whether or not I should close my Facebook account. The all-or-nothing anti-social minimalist in me says, “kick it to the curb.” I don’t really like Facebook. The nosey wallflower said I should keep it because I love to look at photos of my nieces, nephews and cousins. I have decided on a compromise. I will keep my Facebook account, but with some rules and major changes.

1) I deleted everybody except family and extremely close friends. No more clients, coworkers, old high school classmates that I didn’t even know then, friends of friends I don’t really know or businesses I don’t patronize.

2) I turned off all notifications: email, text and iPad notifications. I will be out of the loop when the next stupid meme hits this dimension.

3) I deleted the Facebook application from my iSuck phone. It drains the battery. Everybody I need or want to talk to has my cell number.

So, with no phone application, a reduced friends list and no notifications, I can check Facebook at my convenience. I feel sort of mean, but truly my intentions are not to be mean. My intention is to take back what is mine, my time. There are 67 other things I should or could be doing instead of spending endless hours getting sucked into the social networking abyss. My twitter account was cleaned up months ago. I have even slowly been working on unsubscribing myself from a bajillion emails. Eventually, these measures should open up about 3-4 hours in my day. That’s sad, isn’t it. I’ve been spending approximately 25+/- hours each week on stupid crap. There’s my 7 hrs a week I need for working out, 7 hours a week for blogging and 11 extra hours of family time 🙂

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