Nina makes me swoon.

Nina is a very special person. Nina comes to my house once a month. She is awesome.  She has a tattoo of the word “OZ” with the yellow brick road, poppy fields and the Emerald City inside the “O”. I’ve never summoned the courage to ask what the tattoo means to her.  Maybe she really likes the Wizard of OZ.  Maybe it’s a reminder to have a heart, a brain, courage and a little faith. Maybe it’s a reminder that there’s no place like home.  Maybe she is from Kansas. I don’t know and I suppose it doesn’t really matter to me what it means to her.  I like the tattoo.

She always dresses the same, Yoga pants and a tank top, hair in a pony tail, iPod mini thingy clipped to her shirt and ear buds jammed deep into her ears. She’s tall and thin. She’s hot in a grungy sort of way.

Nina is my housekeeper.  She scrubs the toilets, vacuums the carpets and mops the kitchen floors.  She can dust the ceiling fans without a step stool! That girl can get more done in 2 hours than I can get done in 2 weeks.  I don’t know how she uses my vacuum,  but the carpets always look better and cleaner than when I do it. She only comes over once a month to do a much more thorough cleaning.  I hit the high traffic areas and hots spots on a daily/weekly basis(yeah, right), she gets the deep cleaning done. I usually have everything picked up and put away the day before she gets here. On the day she cleans, I have all the rugs in the washer, getting themselves all nice and pretty.

It would be wonderful to have her once a week, but I can’t justify it yet. I can’t even justify every other week.  Once a month, I am ok with because having her here helps to get me motivated to get some stuff done around the house.  She accuses me of “Cleaning” before she comes.  I assured her that the only thing I do is deal with the shit that should have been dealt with yesterday, last week or since the last time she was here.

For one day a month, all the laundry is done, all the bathrooms are clean, all the furniture is dusted, all the trashcans are empty, all the rugs are clean, all the beds are made, all the carpets are vacuumed, all the dishes are washed and in the cabinets, and all the floors are swept and mopped. It’s just pure love, I tell ya! Pure love.

(my office excluded. we’re not going there)

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