Happy New Year!

It’s an annual tradition… The new year prompts us all to make goals, plans and resolutions to have a better year, the best year, yet. I suppose am no different except my first resolution was to not go to the gym until about late January.

But honestly, I do have things that I want to start on and soon! I actually accomplished what I had planned to do today. I received a new printer with AirPrint capabilities for Christmas. It is now installed properly and wirelessly. Woohoo! I can now print from Pinky & The Brain(my iPad). I am one step closer to ruling the world. Muuuuuuhhaaahaaahaha.

Seriously, though… Since I started back to work last June, I have let a lot of projects just slide. I have a tons of things floating around in my head that need to be put on the list. Finish a coffee table from 12 years ago, make life books for the kid’s years in school, make the quilt out of my husband’s old jeans, work on the family tree… You get the idea. And this doesn’t count the maintenance stuff that needs to be done around the house.

This morning, I was reading about setting goals. I have trouble setting goals, trouble sticking to the goal and I don’t think I have officially finished anything, ever, in my life. But I read a quote today that stuck with me…

The goal is to make the goal the goal.

Small manageable baby steps. I can do this. I have set one goal for this year. In 2013, I am going to get all the filing done in my office. I think I have about 3 years worth crammed in boxes, old briefcases, piles in the floor and piles and piles on my desk.

So today, I started with one box, labels and a handful of tabs for the folders. I made 10 new folders and filed 2 months of the most recent bills, bank statements, retirement statements and the new healthcare paperwork from the railroad. I didn’t even make a dent, but tomorrow is another day. 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour at a time… I will eventually get through it all. When I do, I will set a new goal. One thing at a time.

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