Genealogy explains why shit happens…

I get on these kicks sometimes where I become so completely enthralled with something I forget there are other things I should be doing. Right now, instead of cleaning my house, mowing the grass, repairing the deck stairs and replacing a ballast in one of the basement lights, I am looking for dead people.

No, I’m not paranormal ghost hunting, though I think that would be cool. I am back on my kick and trying to resist the urge to subscribe to the monthly membership until I get all the free work done that I can do. There are a couple of troublesome dead people in our lineages.

For instance, Mike’s gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfather, Heinrich, is being a pest. I have records of him traveling from Bremen, Germany to New Orleans, LA and we know what happened to him after he got off the boat here, for the most part. But, I can find no record of him in Germany. History tells me that we may never know since a lot of the churches and records were destroyed during The World Wars and the national uprising in the late 1800’s. Then there’s the fact that he was married twice and both women were named Anna Marie or some variation of such. There is also a fact that first Anna died and he married 2nd Anna within a matter of months. Also… second wife, Anna was previously married with children and her husband mysteriously disappeared with no recorded will. I have probate records where Heinrich is the petitioner of said dead husband’s land, hundreds and hundreds of acres, which happens to still be prime farmland in the river bottoms. There are no records for the dead husband’s death, but there is a river and a tall cliff that sits on the property gr-gr-gr-gr-grandpa lovingly donated to the church some 20 years later. Fast forward some 150 years and we have no land. Karma? Just kinda makes you go ‘hmmmm.’

Another interesting story is regarding gr-gr-grandfather. He and his brother were engaged to two sisters. Being tight frugal practical, they were to have a double wedding. Prior to the wedding there was some talk in the fields about one brother’s mule being a fine mule and the other brother would like to buy it, but he didn’t have the money to do so yet because he was setting up his household for his new bride. On the day of the wedding, it couldn’t help but be noticed that one sister was extremely unhappy, but she went through with the wedding anyway. Later it was discovered that the brothers had made a deal and traded a mule for a wife. And everybody wonders why GrGrGrandma Frances was a mean and unhappy old bitty. duh.

See what I mean? Interesting people!

And then there’s my family… Which after learning a few new little nuggets explains why most of us end up in the nuthouse or at least on medication…

My gr-gr-grandma Zip and her husband had a son, Jacob, aka Jake. Zip has a brother named, James, who married a woman named Rosa. James and Rosa had a daughter named Fanny. James had an affair with a woman named Lena, who became pregnant and crazy. Rosa became crazy, too, when she found out. Lena killed Rosa, in self-defense it was said. Not being of sound mind himself, James marries Lena because she is carrying his child. Crazy James and Crazy Lena are now raising little Fanny. Fast forward ten years. Jake and Fanny get married. So, Zip is now Fanny’s aunt AND mother-in-law. Jake and Fanny have a boat load of kids one of which is my grandfather who marries a lovely but a bit crazy woman named, Mable, yes spelled like table. They have 11 kids, 6 girls and 5 boys. And well that family is just bat shit fucking crazy.

So there you have it. One murder, possibly two, a wife traded for a mule, incest and that kind of craziness leads to the destruction of the world. WTF, Mate?!?!

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