New fish & Pinterest nail fails

We had a disastrous event a few weeks ago while cleaning the aquarium and all the fish except one went to that Great Aquarium in the Sky. The big black prehistoric plecostomas survived the catastrophe unscathed.


These are the newest inhabitants of our small ecosystem. They are supposed to be mild mannered mollies(yellow & red fish) and silver dollars(self explanatory). They are a bit destructive, though. They have uprooted 3 of 5 plants in 24 hours. However, I have to say these have been the most entertaining fish we have ever had. They actually swim around the tank instead of just hovering in the darkest back corner.

Ellie decided she wanted new paint on her nails. We found really cute nails on Pintester’s blog. Our version doesn’t look as nice as the original poster, but I am sure than had I painted my own nails and not my daughter’s nails, I would have had the same disastrous results as Pintester. If Pintester were my neighbor, we would be fast friends. She and I both fuck up pinterest pins. She just has the balls to post her fuck ups. Pintester is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

not so summertime splashy
not so summertime splashy
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