Pinky & the Brain Part Deux

You may remember this post about my handy dandy ifigetabductedbyalienshereishowtorunmyhouseholdandmylife binder.
Pinky & The Brain have been replaced retired.


I am now the proud owner of a new iPad, aptly named Pinky & The Brain, as well. Shut up. Nobody ever said originality was one of my fabulous characteristics.


I have had the new P&TB for a few weeks now. My plans to rule the world are starting to take shape. My office is cleaner and a little more organized. Gone are the endless piles of files, envelopes with addresses I need, sticky notes and 50 billion writing utensils. Where my prehistoric desktop pc once sat, there is now this cute little iPad, taking up less desk real estate than a John Grisham novel. Actually, those are gone, too. Donated to the library. This dang iPad is so smart, I currently carry about 40 books around with me at all times. I heart P&TB.

Even with all the knowledge and power crammed in, P&TB does have a flaw. It can’t take a picture of itself. So, I dug out my old crusty android phone for this photo for you…


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