Brotherhood of T&A While Working Union

Every big city has one or three of these. A place similar to DB’s Sports Bar. They have good bar food and beer served by girls who look and dress like this….


My husband and his coworkers go there for lunch sometimes. I like going there for different reasons. They have awesome chef salads, chopped finely and the salad dressing mixed in thoroughly with lots of meat. Said husband was there yesterday inducting a new coworker into the Brotherhood of T&A While Working Union. The above mentioned fantasy, or one of her coworkers, mentioned she would be back on Friday wearing pasties. New guy said, “Well, we’ll see you tomorrow.” forgetting that today they would be having lunch with the Big Bosses before they left town. Being dutiful employees, they had lunch with the Bosses.

However, husband and coworker conveniently found themselves across the street picking up a truck for work and decided they would go have dessert. Much to their disappointment, DB’s does not serve dessert.

My husband, being the quick thinker he is, said “Oh, I know! I will order a salad to go for Sharon.”

And so, they waited for my favorite salad to be prepared, fulfilling the promise they had made to Ms. Pasties yesterday.

I’m glad I could help keep him a man of his word.

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