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I am having trouble prioritizing my time. I have lists upon lists of things that have to be done, need to be done, should have been done already and i want to do. I recently received an iPad for my birthday. Previously, I used a million notebooks to jot down my lists, revise them and eventually mark one or two things off. I spent an afternoon last week putting my pseudo FlyLady cleaning schedule in my Cozi calendar. I do this to try to get things out if my head and unclutter my mind. I am hoping my new totable iPad will help me feel more in control because I can have all of my ‘stuff’ with me all the time…

Slowly, I have been adding things to my calendar as I come across them. I have most of the kitchen counter viewable and ready for food preparation instead of a landing zone for all the crap that flies through the door. A couple of days ago, I started working on my office/sewing/junk room. It was still is a mess.

I have recycled nearly a 50 gallon bin of paper! Most of it from my now defunct real estate career. I still have several boxes of paper and files to go through. It is discouraging. There a fifty other things I would rather be doing than clean my room. I feel guilty. I can’t justify doing something fun when I have work that should have been completed by now. Therefore, nothing gets done thus adding to the guilt. How do you get out of this cycle of thinking?

I try to think of how I will feel when I get something completed, but instead I start thinking of how I can make it better. How do I accept that what I have done is good enough?

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