Planes, trains and well nothing.

My blog and I have a dysfunctional relationship. We’re on again and off again, and on again and off again. We have periods where we spend a lot of time together and I write and then I just disappear.

My excuse is that life just gets in the way. It’s true to some extent but the reality of the situation is that I have a hard time completing tasks/projects/thoughts. So, while I was most recently away, things have changed in my life again. A quick run down follows…

  • I got a real job, with real hours that pays real money for almost real work.
  • I am no longer a real estate agent. No license, no listings, no commissions.

Really, not much changed with the second item on my list other than I let my license expire. I never really had any listings the last couple of years. Everybody knows no listings = no $$$.

The new job requires me to “work” at a local railway. It’s kind of like working in an airport. Planes(Trains) come in and I make sure all the passengers(rail cars) are on the plane. Some passengers stay here and others just have a slight lay over before heading to their next destination. My job is to make sure that all the rail cars are coded correctly to get to their next destination. When I am not moving America, I pick up the train crews and drive them from one train to the next. I hear lots of jokes and occasionally a funny story. It’s a predominant male society. We have nearly 400 employees and just 18 women. TOTAL. That’s it! 18! It’s not a job I ever thought I would be doing, but I really do like it.

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