The List, Me, Myself and I

I am on day 3 of not smoking.  Today has been the hardest so far.  Everybody has gone back to work and school.  There’s no one here to entertain me today, just me, myself and I.  And we are not always good company for each other.  There isn’t much excitement in cleaning house or talking to the repair shop about my daughter’s car.

Me gets bored and I find Myself looking for excitement.   I don’t always like Myself or Me and vice versa, versa vice.  Me has wanted to do a lot of shopping since Sunday, but I haven’t let her.  I tried doing a few things for Myself, like an at-home-manicure, but that didn’t satisfy her, either. Maybe I should try doing something for Me instead of Myself. Maybe, she would be more receptive?

Oh bother!  Who cares, really?  Anyway…

I made a list of things to do instead of smoke.  Here are a few interesting observations I made and one from my husband.

My Observation #1: If it took me 10 minutes to smoke a cigarette and I did nothing else while smoking & smoked 20 cigarettes a day, Not Smoking would free up 3 hours and 20 minutes of my time each day.

My Observation #2: The first non-smoking activity on my list to do instead of smoking was: Exercise for 10 minutes until the urge to smoke passes. I would be exercising for 3 hrs & 20 minutes each day.  I’d meet my goal weight in no time!!

Mike’s Observation #3: I haven’t been on the elliptical machine yet, so the urge to smoke must not be THAT bad.

As Mike is reading my “List of things to do instead of smoking” he says, “WOW!  You have 58 things to do on this list, and I’m not on here anywhere!”

In my defense, my list stays on the kitchen table. The kids read it.  It wouldn’t be appropriate.

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