Valentine’s Day sucks for people going through a divorce.  I have been there, long ago.  I remember thinking this was the most obnoxious holiday of all. No worries, get your Happy back with a divorce cake.

Originally posted by Angad at Odd Stuff Magazine.

Most Creative Divorce Cake Ideas

Posted on October 10, 2010 by Angad

The name itself indicates to some kind of occasion, be it a birthday party or a wedding anniversary. It is a desert of choice for all events of pleasure. Cake ranges from its countless recipes and varies in different shapes.

The catch here is when we use cake for occasions like divorce. This occasion may not bring any happiness for the family and friends; however it can be an event of extreme joy and delight for the couples turning out to be single.

So, Why not to enjoy the day and that to with the help of a cake? This would be very exciting to see that how the cakes are designed and in what shapes because that would be the only way to reflect the feelings of the divorced mates.

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