My Wiki File Will Be Disastrously Long

What gives?  I spend all week trying to get business.  The sun shines, the days are warm. Nobody wants to go see houses on pretty days. Today and tomorrow, I have showings on houses.  The wind is blowing a million miles an hour. It is snowing.  ughh sometimes I really hate selling real estate.  I know why real estate agents take December thru March ‘off’.  It isn’t that the market is slow or bad, it’s because they don’t want to get out in the snow, cold wind and wear a coat. Thus the market becomes slow because nobody wants to work.  Selling real estate somewhere tropical makes more sense to me.

On a different note, I started putting together ideas for a book yesterday. Actually, I have been putting ideas together for a little over a month. Yesterday, I started taking it seriously. And I went to the library.

On a funny/sad note, I have had a bajillion jobs in my short life on this globe. My only consolation to this fact is that as I am writing, I have a wealth of knowledge to build a story line.  The downside will be that the “Career” section of my Wikipedia listing will be 87 paragraphs long just to get through my jobs before becoming a famous novelist.

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