Oh, The Things You Can Do!

This past week or so has been rather depressing for me.  It’s winter.  I’m still 69 lbs short of my 70 lbs weight loss goal.  My usually happy husband has been hurting a lot with lower back & sciatica pain, thus not sleeping very well and keeping me awake, too.  (I am a very grumpy girl without my 8 hrs of sleep.) I have some work, about 10 hours a week. Not enough.  The real estate market is still in the tank here and I often wonder why I keep renewing my license just to be a glorified secretary.

But then…

Somewhere around 11am, I had a change of mind.  I decided I was not going to waste another day.  So, I got off my ass and got some shit done.

  • Wrote 2 blog posts (before the mind changing event)
  • Wrote 5 ideas for blog posts (before the mind changing event)
  • Took a shower at 11am (this is when the mind changing event occurred… in the shower, of all places)
  • Applied for a part-time bank teller job 1 block from my house
  • Cleaned both bathroomsspicandspan
  • Cleaned my bedroom, dusted and vacuumed!
  • Cleaned the LR, dusted and vacuumed
  • Moved the mirror over the fireplace back to the foyer (Hubby likes to check himself before he leaves for work and has been complaining about the missing mirror.  It makes me smile that he’s just a wee bit vain for a job working on the railroad.)
  • Washed all the rugs in the house
  • Gathered all the things that do not belong in my home and placed them by the front door to distribute today.
  • Vacuumed my car, put the 3rd row seating back in, cleaned the interior windows, conditioned the leather and sent the daughter to the car wash and gas station for a fill up.
  • Cleaned and swept the garage while she was gone.
  • Put all my work office things in the booty of the car to take to the office
  • Went thru all the Super Bowl leftovers in the fridge, packaged some for the freezer, served the rest for dinner
  • Made a pot of chicken soup with the leftover rotisserie chicken and packaged it for the freezer
  • Hell, I even labeled my containers with the contents and date!  Ball® Brand Dissolvable Labels are the Shit!!BallLabels
  • Washed all the dirty dishes
  • Washed ALL the dirty clothes & put away
  • Cleaned off the kitchen counters, microwave and swept & mopped the floor. Put the table runner and a nice bowl of apples on the table.
  • Swept and mopped all bathrooms & foyer and put down the nice clean rugs.
  • Found my Mardi Gras wreath and put it in my office for repairs to be done today.
  • Watched 3 episodes of Hording: Buried Alive while doing all of this.  hehehe
  • Felt sorry for the Bradford Pear tree in the back yard because it is February and the tree budded yesterday.
  • Cut my thumb with a knife, peeling labels off water bottles for recycling.
  • Made a list to do today.  🙂

There is a great satisfaction that comes when scanning the room before turning off the lights for bed and seeing a clean room.  Cleanliness brings a calm, a peace.

Oh! The things you can do when you stop feeling sorry for yourself.

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