New Carpet = Perfect Harmony

I am a paper loving fool! I have lots of paper, some of which has never been used and then there’s the other kind. Stacks and piles and boxes and files. Paper, paper, everywhere. Notes, emails, receipts, invoices, continuing education courses & notebooks, client files, car titles, report cards, kids artwork, birthday cards, Christmas cards, recipes, music scores, paid bills, expense sheets, well… you get the idea.

It has been a task that has been overlooked and overdue for at least a year. Really, it’s probably much longer than that if I would only admit I’m still in denial. But anyway, I’m facing the issue and it all started with carpet. My office is in the basement of our home. My office has finished walls, but no flooring other than the concrete. It gets cold in the winter, brrr. It’s a small room, so when my father-in-law was ripping out their newish 2yr old carpet in their master suite, I scooped it up to make a nice large area rug for my office. Well, you know what happens when you install flooring of any kind. EVERYTHING must be removed from the room. As it is all sitting in my family room, I vow to myself that the rest of this week will be spent going through the cluttered mess of papers and files.

While sitting in the floor with a recycling box and a shredder, the thought occurred to me that I should use Evernote to store my home files. I use Evernote for work and I love it. I have my client files, marketing and other real estate information with me no matter where I am in the world. Wouldn’t it be great if I’m in Virginia and my husband is in Missouri and he needs to know who/where the orthodontist is, I can email it to him straight from within Evernote, along with directions and a photo of the front of the building. So, I broke my first rule of “Thou shalt not open the laptop until the paper is tamed,” and got to work scanning, THEN shredding. Word of caution here people… if you are putting personal information into your Evernote account, please password protect it. And so the process goes for hours and hours.

liontamerAfter a day of sitting in the sea of paper, I began thinking about my email inbox. I hate email almost as much as I hate paper. And again, I came back to storing pertinent information in Evernote and pitching the rest. I had over 1500 emails. I am excited to report that it is now down to 252. It is mostly work stuff now that must be archived to client files in Evernote. Today is Wednesday, I am hopeful that I will have achieved a nice tidy inbox by Saturday or Sunday. I have been doing some reading about the Inbox Zero project. It fascinates me that there are people who actually tame their email daily. Oh, I am so envious.  That would be so swell.   I actually started with “Fresh Start: The Email DMZ” a couple of years ago and didn’t realize it.  I am slowly whittling it down to nothing.  My goal is to have Inbox (0) at the end of each day with nothing hidden in crazy folders just waiting to suck the life out of me tomorrow.

Ahh… Perfect Harmony.

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