AWOL or just A

AWOL – absent without leave. I don’t think that can be an accurate description of where I have been. Absent, probably, but Who is of authority to give me leave?

Nevertheless, I have been gone. I have been busy redistributing the ignorance that abounds in my life. Doing away with some of it, throwing it out in the trash, remodeling my home, STILL looking for a job.

Well, you can’t actually call it remodeling. That would require money, of which we have scarce extra to beautify our home. However, to me, it is remodeling. I have repainted my kitchen and living room with paint that I had bought last year to do the project and never got around to it. I painted the cabinet in my master bath, also with already owned paint. AND I tiled both bathroom floors, again with tile that was bought last year for the project. Somewhere in the last 2 months I have found the motivation to get moving and get this stuff done. Then using some found goodies in my Mother-in-Laws decorating stash, I redecorated my house. I also converted my seldom used dining room into a bar. As a dining room, it was used at Thanksgiving and Christmas 4x in the last 13 years… all 4 times being in 2009 & 2010. Since converting the dining room to a bar, it gets used at least weekly. Mixing drinks for friends or just for me and the hubby. We actually decorated it for our son’s 15th birthday party that is always held on Halloween. We served pizza, cupcakes, ice cream and non-alcoholic concoctions to the boys. I think they had a fun 48 hr sleep over. I am sure all the other parents enjoyed the quiet respite from 15 years of mayhem.

So, anyway, I am back. I still have a bunch of unfinished projects that I am working on. Today, I re-stuffed the dog beds using some of our old bed pillows. He likes them very much. For a dog, he has a good life. A nice comfy bed in our bedroom, the living room and the family room downstairs. He’s a Jack Russell but his beds are big enough to fit a Labrador Retriever. He likes snuggling down in the bed to the point that it almost completely engulfs him. He’s old… 12… he deserves a good bed in his old age.

Since I have started all the Happy Home projects, I am feeling better. My job prospects still suck, but I am making better the things I have the power to make better.

I have started dreaming again.. of weird creatures that do not exist.

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