10 Interesting Things About Me (or not)

1. I grew up on a dairy farm and milked cows 2x a day until I turned 18 and ran away but not far enough away.

2. Our house did not have running water or a bathroom until I was 15. (That was 1987)

3. I want to be a roller derby girl, still.

4. I have strange yearnings to dye my hair hot pink and wear a hot pink shirt with black hot pants, black platform heels, a white kercheif around my neck with a black daisy in my hair. I am a punk at heart. I look nothing like this. I am too conservative.

5. I like to swim, but I am afraid of the water. ?!?!

6. I wanted to be a doctor, an anthropologist and join the Army. I did none of these.

7. I moved across country with only what would fit in my car, no job, no place to live and $327.42 to my name. I survived.

8. I am a domestic violence survivor.

9. I was raised Southern Baptist, but converted to Catholicism. I think I am probably neither.

10. I dream of perpetually sunny days with white wicker chairs on a big porch and ferns hanging off the eaves.

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