He makes me laugh

The job search continues…

By the end of yesterday I had sent in 22 resumes and printed another 15 job postings for me to tackle today.  Somewhere I read that for every job posted in St. Louis there are at least 250 applying for that position.  When Ellie applied at the casino, she was 1 of 23,000+ people who applied for 1,300 available jobs.  This place is friggin’ nuts.

So anyway… last night I was boo-hoo-ing and crying to Mike about the pitiful state of my employment status, like he needed to be told.  I am applying for jobs that I know I am too qualified to do but they pay MONEY, so I am applying anyway.  Half crying I ask my husband, “Where do I fit in?  I was rejected by a cleaning service because I’m over-qualified.  I was rejected by a car-detailing service because I didn’t meet their minimum requirements.  What job on this frickin’ earth is between washing cars and scrubbing toilets that am I qualified to do?”

He responded in the most matter of fact, dead serious tone, “CEO.”  His gaze never left the Stanley Cup playoffs.

I was crying, but I laughed.

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