Can you notarize my employment application?

I have spent the morning applying for jobs and attending a second interview at one potential employer. To date I have applied for 13 jobs, interviewed at 2, second interview at 2, rejected by one, in a holding pattern at the job I did a second interview for today. When I got home, I started looking for more jobs.  I applied for 7 additional jobs at the local and city government offices, a department store, and printed the application for the St. Louis County Police Department for a record keeping job.

The STL Police Department application is 22 pages long, must be completed in black ink, in my own handwriting, must answer every question even if it doesn’t apply, agree to a background and credit check, initial each page at the bottom right AND have the application NOTARIZED prior to submission.  I am tired.

I think applying and interviewing for a job is harder work than actually working. Whew!

Mentally & emotionally, I feel better today even in the wake of a job rejection.  Karma is still kicking me in the ass.  I was in my car coming home from my last interview when I received the rejection phone call.  During the call, my car dinged.  I thought I was getting low on gas.  Nope, the “Service Engine Soon” light came on.  Great!

Have you seen the All State “Mayhem” commercials?  I could so be Mayhem! It’s no wonder he smiles all the time.  Mayhem gets to take his frustrations out on middle class suburban schmucks like me.  I drive a 2003 Buick Rendezvous.  I love this car.  I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off but it looks as if the transmission is going to fall out before I can grind the rims to nubs.  I’ve meticulously maintained this car, but it has 165,000 miles on it.  This has been my grocery getter, football/band/basketball/track/school carpool, drive to MS and VA 2x per year, scoot all over Missouri car.

I wonder how I get on Karma’s good side? Make a list?
Howdy! My name is Earl.

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