What is Mojo and where is mine?


1. A magic charm, talisman, or spell.

2. Magic power.

According to wiki.answers.com, “Mojo means “finding the magic in what we do”. To have “lost your mojo”,
refers to a loss of inspiration or creative genius; a loss of that
special spark.

The term may have been recently popularized in one of the Austin Powers
films starting Mike Myers, where he refers to ‘mojo’ as a combination of
all the right stuff that makes a man successful. So, the term is used
in a sexual context, referring to a man’s libido, virility or ability to
attract someone they like or would like as a mate. However, the word
has African roots. It is said to refer to a small bag containing a magic
charm (often a red flannel cloth) and herbs that is tied with a draw
string and worn under clothes to bring good luck. In context of the
arts, mojo brings inspiration.

What I am trying to say is that I have lost my touch, my magic, my spark, my inspiration, that special somethin’ somethin’ that makes me, well, me.  Thinking about it, I wonder if I ever really had it.  I mean, maybe when I was 20-something with a rockin’ body & good looks. Time has taken it’s toll. Next year, I will be 40 with a husband, an ex-husband, 2 kids(almost grown), a dog, several fish, need to lose 60 lbs, a job going nowhere, lots of debt and a mortgage.  It’s depressing just typing it much less living it.

Don’t be getting down on me just yet.  I am not saying I have a bad life, I don’t at all.  I am just starting with what I see so that I can get a new perspective. A Clearer Perspective.  A More Accurate Perspective. A Better Perspective.  In order to make a plan and then set maintainable goals, I need to know where I have been and where I want to go… and then find the inspiration, my mojo, to help me get there.

So… that being said…
I want to quit smoking.
I want to lose 60 lbs.
I want to get out of debt.
I want a career that I enjoy AND make money doing. It doesn’t have to be a lot.
I want to have another baby.

I have a good husband.
I have a nice home.
I have 2 good, smart & healthy kids (for the most part).
I have work, I just struggle making money at it.
I have a treadmill and an elliptical machine, I can’t seem to get on them.

So, where do I start? Where do I find that light bulb that I can screw into my brain and when will it come on?  When am I going to “get it”?

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