It’s Indy 500 weekend, our Memorial Day tradition.   On the road trip from St. Louis to Indianapolis, I realized I am now the minority in a household of men.  Ellie moved out 2 weeks ago into her first apartment.  I have spent the last 2 weeks helping her get her new apartment set up and repainting her old bedroom.  Her bedroom was the larger of the two secondary bedrooms in our home. Because Tanner was younger, he always got the cast-offs, ie: smallest bedroom.  Now that Ellie is gone, he’s moving up and I’m moving down.  Mike, Tanner and the dog have the male numbers in our household now.

On the bright side, I’m going to have a lot more free time to myself since I can send Tanner with Mike on most outings.

My outlook on life today is a little better.  I am using my feminism to my advantage.  I set up house in our hotel room, mostly by myself while Mike tended to the beer buffer for the weekend and Tanner and his best friend were swimming in the pool.  Another couple in our party (there’s about 30 of us on our trip) got the two room suite and there’s just the two of them.  We have four to our room and have the smaller room with 2 queen beds.  We negotiated a switch but I don’t have to help move.  I am holding down the ‘fort’ on the patio of the Country Inn & Suites.  My job is to make sure nobody steals our prime seating and beer coolers. The guys are moving the contents of our room.  Sweet!  So while I am sitting here minding the fort, I get to surf the interweb and post on my blog.  Captain & Coke from the patio table to the mouth.  This is my kind of heavy lifting!

Usually, the Indy trip stresses me out.  I am a control freak and spend a lot of my time wondering where the kids are, what they are doing, making sure nobody gets hit by a car tossing the frisbee in the parking lot.  Obsessing over who’s hungry, who’s not. Getting stressed because the minute we pull into the parking lot there is the constant barrage of loud Germans, beer and nowhere to go but the solitary confinement of my hotel room.

This year I am resigning myself to less stress.  Chillin’ out.  I plan to have a couple of drinks, draw my cars for the race pool and go to bed.  I plan to have a better outlook about the day.  Instead of begrudging all the packing, the coolers, the ice, planning my own menu because I’m on a restricted diet, etc, I am going to view this as a special day. A family outing that we have so few of, so I want to cherish it and have fun.  I don’t want to be the drag.

So, I am off to sleep.  I need to be rested for all the fun I’m going to have tomorrow 🙂

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