A Gift ???

I must admit, I do love finding a new, and sometimes unusual, purpose for everyday items that one might generally discard. For instance, an old plastic lazy susan that you would normally use in the kitchen has found a new use as a lazy susan for small painting projects. I can turn the tray without touching my freshly painted item. Or, how about the outdoor storage bench that is being used in the basement for Tanner’s toy box and also doubles as additional seating for playing the guitar.

Most times when I come home after a trip to the thrift store, yard sale or trash-day curbside confiscations, Mike gives me a puzzled look of “What on earth were you thinking and what are you going to do with that?!?”

Imagine my surprise when HE says to me this morning, “Oh honey! I got you a gift! I forgot to give it to you.”

Holding his hands behind his back, “Guess what it is?” I look at him, puzzled by this most unusual gesture of thoughtfulness. It isn’t my birthday, it isn’t Mother’s day, it isn’t any special day in particular at all.

“I dunno,” I say.

With a grin on his face he says, “Ok, I’ll give you a clue. I found it on the street between East St. Louis and Brooklyn.”

Now, I am more puzzled. If you knew anything about the neighborhood between East St. Louis and Brooklyn, you would know there is not much there except the railroad (where he works) and strip clubs.

“I have no frikkin’ clue! It could be anything if you picked it up on the road between East St. Louis and Brooklyn!”

Out he pulls this…

and says, “I thought you might like it to use as a planter for a pretty flower!”

And he’s probably right.  I will probably do that this evening when it cools off. In the meantime… how do you think this shoe came to be on the side of the road in between East St. Louis and Brooklyn where’s there isn’t much beside trains and strip clubs?  Oh, by the way, it’s a size 8.  That’s a big girl.

What type of flower do you think I could plant in this shoe?

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