Catch Up Ketchup

I am catching up on my sewing journal.  I actually did real work on Friday and Saturday and didn’t have time to sew or post. That’s not true.  I was just too lazy to post.  I played Zuma, instead. I have been thinking about my sewing journal a lot lately.  Maybe sewing something every day is a lofty goal, maybe it’s not.  Maybe it IS because it’s me doing it. I am the Master Procrastinator after all.  Talking to my sister the other day, we hit upon a procrastinator’s great idea. On the days I do sew, I should sew 2 or 3 things to keep me caught up for days that I don’t sew.

Does that count for a daily sewing?  I mean really, who is going to know, besides me, whether I refashioned one of Tanner’s shirts on Friday or Saturday?

So, here’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  You decide which day I did what. I’m counting them all as days of sewing because I am actually sewing and using the things I have.

Image 1 (nothing to see here)

Image 2 (or here)

Image 3(…or…here. Move along)

P.S.  I’m out of ketchup. I don’t know how this happened.  I buy in bulk.  I have a “store” in the basement.  Mom, can you send me a bottle from your stash? jk

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