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I have spent the last few hours cleaning off my laptop.  It is a sad state.  The battery doesn’t work, so the laptop has to be plugged in at all times.  Kinda defeats the purpose of being mobile. It doesn’t have a built in keyboard anymore since I spilled an entire cup of coffee on it about a year & a half ago. I have a standard size keyboard attached to it.
I don’t like using the touch pad mouse and have a regular mouse in it’s place.
The screen sorta works… I mean it works great for someone who has ADD and a 3 second attention span. That’s how long the screen backlight stays lit before it goes black.  There’s something wrong with release latch that causes it to think it is in perpetual sleep mode. I have a yellow piece of foam taped over the hole so I don’t accidentally close the lid and turn it off.  The Shut Down mechanism still works great. So for me… I don’t have a 3 second attention span, based on the fact that I can waste entire seasons on the computer… I also have a monitor attached to the laptop so I can read and type to you all.
Ohh, I almost forgot the cooling pad it has to sit on because it gets extremely hot and the internal fans can’t keep up. I feel kinda bad about finally giving up the laptop.  It is still usable, sort of.  There is nothing wrong with the hard drive.  It’s practically brand new. This feels almost wasteful.  So, if anyone needs a Sony VAIO for parts, let me know.  By tomorrow, Frankenlaptop will no longer be used.  I have a newer abused-less desktop pc that is going to work just fine.

Daily Sewing Journal
2 scarves for Christmas stragglers, Brittany & Kimberly. See their names in the snowflakes?  Ok, so you can’t really read their names. Just imagine for a moment that the one on the left says Kimberly and and the one on the right says Brittany. Sorry about the blurriness. Life’s too short to retake blog photos.


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