12:45 AM Tuesday January 12

11:45 PM Monday January 11 – I fell asleep in bed with the tv on watching Intervention, waiting for Mike to come home from his Monday night hockey league.  I was disappointed that I missed the end of the program.  I really wanted to know what happened with Gabe.

Update: aetv.com is cool.  I was able to finish the episode.  I love web tv.

12:30 AM Tuesday January 12 – Mike wakes me as he comes into the bedroom. He tells me about the cool goal he scored as he is getting ready to get in the shower.  Then he says, “I need you to take a picture for me.”

I bet you weren’t taking pictures of a tongue at 12:45 AM Tuesday January 12, 2010. I didn’t want to go to the basement to get the camera, so these are taken with his blackberry. I am a terrible picture taker and these are proof.
IMG00051 IMG00054

He needs a shave… and a mouth guard! Even at 36, boys are gross.

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