2010 – A Space Odyssey

I know the title is incorrect.  The correct movie title is 2010: Odyssey Two, but 2010 – A Space Odyssey is more appropriate to my circumstances.

I am on a mission and it might as well be to Jupiter if my past history is any clue to the success that I will achieve.

To reclaim my space and unravel the secrets of the monolithic structure that is my ever growing pile of fabric.

I think Stanley Kubrick is alive and well, living in my sewing room.  It is a mess of chaos that only he could understand and appreciate.  Actually, I think he created this mess, not me.

{The Plan}

I would like to sew something every day. It doesn’t  have to be big or glorious or fabulous or even usable. But I must sew. every. day. at. least. one. thing.

That’s it.  I wonder how long it will take me to go through all the material I have?

Here are some of the projects I have in mind.

1. A denim quilt for Brut’s bed made from his and Mr.’s old jeans.
2. Potholders
3. A quilted suit for me. (Burgundy, I already have the queen comforter to recycle)
4. Embroider the remaining dishtowels (6) and golf towel (1) that I have on hand.
5. Embroider the remaining 10 coolie cups on hand.
6. Dog beds.  I have a queen size foam mattress that has seen better days but is still good enough for the dogs.
7. Curtains for the small windows in the basement.
8. Tablecloth for the round table (already have dragonfly material)
9. A box full of clothes that can be restyled or recycled.
10. 4 summer dresses for me
11. a pressing ham
12. embroider my cleaning cloths so the kids don’t use the lemon oil furniture cloth on the mirrors.
13. a new clothespin bag
14. embroider the dog’s bath towels so they don’t get washed with my good towels
15. a new bedding pad for the dog crate
16. pj bottoms for me
17. tank tops with built in bra for me
18. embroidered luggage tags
19. Shoe bags for me (I didn’t make any for myself when I did the others)
20. new curtain for the kitchen
21. new curtain for sliding glass door
22.  A flag of some sort for my flagpole that never gets put out because I don’t have a flag.
23. Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter table runners and place mats.
24. Covered dish cozy thingy
25. An apron
26. A 1950’s style dress
27. Take in my 1950’s dress coat (too wide in the shoulders)

Oh  I am sure there is more, but that is all I can think of for now.

P.S.  I did sew today.  I hemmed a pair of dress pants(early, early this morning) that I have owned for 4 years and never worn.  I wore them to work today.

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