I made Christmas Gifts this year (well, last year)

I am slow about getting my posts up, but here they are… 2009 Christmas Gifts

1. Gifts for 5 yr old girl from Angel Tree at Church –
The “jolly bag” aka backpack or pj bag is made from a reclaimed/recycled baby blanket that I got for 44cents at Family Thrift store.  I embroidered the bag and then added some goodies.  I also embroidered a coolie cup to go with it.

2009xmas_01 2009xmas_02
2.Golf Towels for the guys

2009xmas_03 2009xmas_04

3. Doggie blankets for Suzy’s (my mother in law) schnauzers.  These were also made from recycled baby blankets from Family Thrift.

2009xmas_05 2009xmas_06

4. Embroidered Jolly bags for my neices… also from recycled baby blankets.


I patched a hole in Cyera’s blanket with an applique heart.  🙂


Alexis & Addison with their jolly bags.  Alexis also got a “hair salon” for Christmas.  She charged everyone a $1 to do their hair.  I think she made about $8 that night.

2009xmas_10 2009xmas_09

5. Baby Bradley’s Fish Blanket – I love those little fish!


Other things I made but didn’t have the time to take photos before they were wrapped and sent to VA, MS and other various points around the globe…

6. 7(yes seven) White Scarf with name embroidered in a snowflake pattern for all of Ellie’s friends.
7. Travel Shoe Bags for my mom and sisters with the words “Shoe Bag” and a high heeled shoe embroidered on the bag.  If I can get someone to email me a photo of their bags, I will post those later.
8. Dishtowels for Suzy  – one with 3 wine glasses that says “Group Therapy” and one with a cute little woman in her robe with curlers in her hair drinking a cup of coffee saying “I don’t do mornings”
9. More coolie cups for all the teen boys in the family.  Each with their First Initial and name.
10. Travel pillows for Ellie & Tanner made of left over fleece from the other projects above.  One is pink, the other is blue.
11. A laptop sleeve for Ellie with her name embroidered on it.
12. An Ipod sleeve for Tanner with a tribal artsy type spider embroidered on it.

I think that’s about it for Christmas presents.

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