I haven’t posted since November… so get comfy!

November 1st:  Tanner turns 13! He isn’t so little anymore.  He’s taller than me and didn’t ask for toys.  He wanted CASH MONEY and a fleece jacket with full zipper! Oh… and I made the fleece jacket he is wearing.
This cake was a disaster!  I made it from scratch and the cake part I did right.  The icing is a whole other story.  Donna wasn’t helping much, just watching and laughing as I poured the milk in TWICE! and then had to add more sugar, more butter, more cocoa, etc.   The icing didn’t get stiff, thus the terraced sides.
Side note: I seriously need to repaint the table top. Mike hung the iron wall thingy (on January 2, 2010) Momma bought for me in May 2009.   We kept putting it off because I wanted it above the staircase.


It’s a huge 12ft wall … taller if you count the descending staircase below it.  It looks great thought!  I love it!January 1st or 2nd or 3rd or all three:  I cleaned the storage room!  BELIEVE IT! Here’s proof!

Mike took down the broken bi-fold doors and I made the curtain to replace them.  Mike helped too!  He man-hammered the grommets into the curtain.  I bought this material 2 or 3 years ago for $1/yard when our Walmart was closing the fabric department.  I had originally planned to make drapes for my living room and dining room.

It isn’t perfect, but it looks wonderful for a basement!!  I also made the matching table runner.  I bought the trim at Hancock Fabrics.  It was discontinued and $1/yard. I think I bought like 40 yards or something silly.  It just happened to match the fabric perfectly!

Not so bad even if I did do it myself!  I am starting to feel good about my sewing.  It just takes a little practice.

Homemade Christmas presents in the next post…

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