I’m getting organized…

I’m getting organized… or at least corralling my junk a little better.I found these boxes at the thrift store yesterday. They look like they could be VHS boxes but they aren’t the right size and don’t have the little circle thing-a-ma-jigs.

I cleaned out my desk and gathered up all the sewing notions I had strung all over the room and put them in the boxes. I sorted the items to how I use them. Then, I got out my trusty label maker and labeled each box. Extra Pins, Needles, Empty bobbins. Threaded bobbins. Elastic. Buttons. Scrapbook Pen Cutters. Frequently Used Notions. Brother Accessories… well you get the point.


I’m just happy as a lark about these little boxes.

I have to go buy rechargeable batteries for my camera before I can take any more pictures of my progress. I have been taking so many photos lately, my camera is eating AA batteries like crazy!

So… before my camera died… here are the photos I took last month & again yesterday before I started cleaning my room.



A box of binders…. wth?

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