I taught myself knitting…. NOT

I have tried to teach myself to crochet and knit several times over the last 15 years. It just didn’t take. It’s not my thing. So, Heidi… look at this list, tell me what you want and I will mail it to you.


  • 1 – I Taught Myself Knitting Book with several patterns
  • Candy Print Yarn (pink) – 1 full skein (5 oz, 255 yards), 4 partial skeins (they may be nearly whole skeins… I can’t remember anything that I did with it.
  • Buff Yarn – 1 full skein (7 oz, 364 yards), 1 partial skein. Again, I don’t know what I did with it.
  • A big purple thingy (a knitting loom) – I think it was for knitting scarves.
  • Needles – sizes: 6, 8, 11
  • Large plastic needles (still in package)… maybe I bought these for tying off??
  • Big fat blue crochet hook… I don’t see a size on it.
  • Ziplock baggie contains: ruler/knitting gauge, a couple pins, needle tip protectors, stitch counter, and some little plastic rings (I don’t know what they’re for either).

Like I said, let me know if you want any of this. What you don’t want goes to the Salvation Army.

Note to self: Knitting is not my thing. I am never allowed to purchase knitting supplies ever again. period.

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