New Ironing Board Cover from a Thrifted Sheet


I think my aversion to ironing has to do with the cover. It’s old, ugly and stained. Blue tick cloth is just not my thing. I had looked at covers in the past but just couldn’t make myself pay $20-25 for a cheapy designer looking cover. While at the thrift store the other day, I found a complete sheet set for $5, including the matching comforter! I used the ironing board cover tutorial from U-Handbag with a few modifications.

I removed the old cover from the ironing board. Mine did not have a string casing like the one in the U-Handbag tutorial. The string was in the overlock stitch. I pulled out the string and laid the old cover on top of my new fabric and pinned. I added 2″ extra all the way around for the new casing and cut out the new cover. The old cover was just a wee bit too small and pulled off the edges sometimes and I wanted to be sure I had it covered all the way around.

Note: The next step is not in the original U-Handbag tutorial) The pad on my old board always slipped around and got bunched up when I ironed, driving me absolutely batty. So, I took the old pad and centered it on the wrong side of the fabric and pinned it to the new fabric. I sewed around the pad attaching it to the cover. Now if the pad slips, the whole cover slips but I don’t think it will. By the time the pad wears out, I will probably need a new cover anyway.

I serged around all the edges of the new cover. (This is my first project on my new EZ Lock 100 serger circa 1994… well, new to me… that I got today. I’m so excited, can you see the giddiness in my typing?!) Next, I turned under and hemmed the edges to form the casing for the string. Then, I tied the end of the string to the loop on a safety pin and fed through the casing. (sorry, forgot to take a pic of this step) A more experienced seamstress could probably just include the string while sewing the casing. I am not that coordinated. All done with the sewing.

iron_cover_05I put the new cover on the floor and placed the ironing board on top of it. After some wiggling & jiggling, I got the cover smoothed out and tied off. Look at those cute fishes!!!!!! I love it! Most people who know me, would never believe that I could say such a thing about an ironing board. Maybe this will make ironing more fun for me… and the kids.

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