I’m getting organized…

I’m getting organized… or at least corralling my junk a little better.I found these boxes at the thrift store yesterday. They look like they could be VHS boxes but they aren’t the right size and don’t have the little circle thing-a-ma-jigs. I cleaned out my desk and gathered up all the sewing notions I had…… Continue reading I’m getting organized…

The Garage Door Fiasco

I had repressed this incident in my life until this morning. The garage door has had a terrible screeching sound for the past 2 weeks and this morning I decided to fix it with a little WD-40. While standing on the ladder, I had a flashback to this post. I was so disgusted with the…… Continue reading The Garage Door Fiasco

Ohh! Gargamel!!

Last night a village of smurfs moved into our back yard after all the rain.

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Learning to Iron

Today, Ellie & Tanner learned the basics of ironing. We started simple. How to set up the ironing board. What all the dials and buttons mean on the iron. How to refill it with water. The shiny metal part is hot! Don’t touch! They started learning on dinner napkins and how not to press wrinkles into…… Continue reading Learning to Iron

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