A few projects completed

For the last week or so, I have been slowly working on cleaning up ‘my room’ aka the office/sewing room. My room is in the basement and has only been partially finished. The concrete walls are painted a peachy color. I finally cleared enough space to get out my trusty sewing machine and complete a few small projects.

Project #1: Drab to Fab Cutesy Curtains
I swear, these photos are in the same room and only about an hour apart and taken with the same camera. It’s amazing how the color of the fabric changes the color of the room and the lighting. I could just be sucky at taking photos, too. I have never been accused of being a good photographer. The before curtains are actually a sage green color and had resided previously in our bedroom. My room always gets the cast-offs from the rest of the house.

Before - Ugly Curtains!
Before – Ugly Curtains!
After - Not so ugly curtains.
After – Not so ugly curtains.

The new curtains were made from material I had in my stash from a couple of years ago. Our local Walmart was closing their fabric department and I bought several bolts of this fabric and it’s matching stripes for a $1/yard. I had intentions of using it for the dining room but Mike didn’t like the girly print.

Project #2: The Chair
This chair was given to me by my father-in-law. It was one of his chairs in his law office. It’s a good sturdy chair and has been around forever. You can feel the solidity of the chair in your butt if you sit in it for very long. My original cushion came from heaven knows where and was about as thin as a pancake from years of my bum squishing it flat.
(Sorry, the image is a little blurry. My awesome photography skills at work again!)

The Judge's Chair - Before
The Judge’s Chair – Before
The Judge's Chair - After
The Judge’s Chair – After

The new cushion fabric is one of the coordinating stripes to the floral print I used for my new curtains.

And last but not least…

Project #3: Refurbishing the Dog’s Bed
Poor Baxter, he only has one place in the house where he can lie down comfortably and that is on his big comfy pillow… which wasn’t so big anymore. You know how dogs walk in circles before they lay down, well, his bed looked like a herd of elephants had trampled it flat. We have bought several dog beds in the past and this has been the most recent purchase and so far the best! I can take the outer cover off and throw it in the wash. Woohoo! no more smelly dog bed. The last time I washed it, I noticed the inner pillow casing was ripped and the stuffing was matted flat. So, today, Baxter gets a new bed, sorta. I found an old sheer curtain that had been stashed for years, and made a new pillow casing for the stuffing.

an old curtain
an old curtain

I attached velcro to the top for easy removal of the old stuffing, stitched up two side seams and was finished. I like simple projects.

the new bed guts
the new bed guts

Baxter on his “new” bed just minutes after getting the re-purposed pillow inserted into the cover.

Baxter loves his new bed.
Baxter loves his new bed.

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