English Orange Marmalade

I must be crazy. Today, I decided I would make orange marmalade. I have never made marmalade in my life! I’ve probably only eaten it 7 or 8 times in entire life, but I do loves me some oranges! Natalie at Oven Love has a super easy recipe. I did a lot more than one orange, though. I did 8! Madness, I tell you! Even though, I used 8 oranges, my yield was only 7 jars after being cooked down. If you are making large quantities, be sure you have friends to give it to for use right away, else you will need to preserve it. This was a really easy recipe and one that you can make anytime and give as a great gift.

A word of caution! This is English style marmalade. The zest of the orange has a slightly bitter taste when you bite into it. If you think you won’t like it, or your friends won’t like it, don’t zest the orange peel into your marmalade mixture.

My Orange Marmalade


It’s pretty, isn’t it?!

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