Around the Garden

Just strolling through the yard today, looking at the bounty. This is the first year we have grown cucumbers. We planted 2 vines and have been getting cukes for a few weeks now. The grape tomato Mike planted has produced a gajillion tomatoes already this month. I have been giving them away to everybody and…… Continue reading Around the Garden

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A few projects completed

For the last week or so, I have been slowly working on cleaning up ‘my room’ aka the office/sewing room. My room is in the basement and has only been partially finished. The concrete walls are painted a peachy color. I finally cleared enough space to get out my trusty sewing machine and complete a…… Continue reading A few projects completed

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English Orange Marmalade

I must be crazy. Today, I decided I would make orange marmalade. I have never made marmalade in my life! I’ve probably only eaten it 7 or 8 times in entire life, but I do loves me some oranges! Natalie at Oven Love has a super easy recipe. I did a lot more than one…… Continue reading English Orange Marmalade

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