Managing the Laundry

When we moved to our home 3 years ago, I was thrilled to have main floor laundry. No more lugging laundry baskets up and down the stairs. No more mountains of laundry because nobody would go to the basement to do laundry. However, main floor laundry does have it’s drawbacks… at least in this house anyway.My washer and dryer are in the double pantry in the kitchen. It is just wide enough to get both machines in there and has wire shelving for storage above the washer and dryer. There is NO PLACE FOR DIRTY CLOTHES! Dang it! I guess you can also look at it as a blessing in disguise. It forces us to stay on top of all the laundry all the time! No Mount Washmore here! Both kids have a laundry basket in their bedroom and Mr. & I share one in our bedroom. It always bothered me that I had to do a laundry round up from all the bedrooms and try to guess what color we had enough of to make a load because the clothes were not sorted into piles before the wash. Neither of our bathrooms have closets in them and they are too small to have the separator bins stored in the bathroom. The linen closet is too small for a laundry basket on the floor.I looked for months and months to try to find a solution that would work for us. Finally, I hit upon a solution. A Storage Chest! We have a fairly large kitchen and also a breakfast nook that is about the size of a small dining room with a half wall that separates it from the living room. I bought 2 of these little storage chests from Target and put them together myself. One chest contains whites & jeans, the other chest has light and dark colors.

laundry_01     laundry_02

When half the bin gets full it is time to do a load. It is the perfect size for normal load size on my washer. See… it’s time to wash again already!

Really, this system does keep us on top of the laundry. We have a hanging bar above the washer & dryer but I can’t reach it easily because I am so short, so empty hangers stay there until they are ready to be used. When the clothes are dry, they are folded and placed on the kitchen table at the place setting for that person. Hanging clothes are put on hangers and draped over the back of the chair. We eat dinner at this very table every single night. Laundry has to be done andput away every day before we can sit down to dinner. There’s no arguing about who is going to put the laundry away. Everybody does their own and it is easy to see who hasn’t when they have a pile of clothes instead of a plate at dinner time.

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