So Pretty


When I was a little girl, growing up on the farm, we had a neighbor who had a very green thumb. Mrs. Kincer grew a lot of flowers. I can remember walking down to her house with my mom and strolling through her small yard for hours, looking at all the different flowers she grew. There must have been millions! At least it seemed that way to a 12 year old. I always enjoyed going to visit Mrs. Kincer because she always gave us something to bring home to plant. I can remember carrying home a few sprigs of sweet william with it’s hot pink & white flowers wrapped in wet paper towels to keep it moist on the way home. Our flower gardens were not the perfectly manicured beds you see in the magazines. They looked much more like wild patches of color growing around the house. I think that is why my flower beds look the way they do. Flowers are just willy nilly all over the place. You never know what color combinations are next to each other until they bloom. The image above is the hydrangea growing in my side yard. This is the first year it bloomed! yaay! I spent the whole winter drinking massive quantities of coffee and sprinkled the used coffee grounds on the old shoots all winter. I had resigned myself to ripping it out after this summer if it did not bloom. Idle threats do work, sometimes.

hydrangea_02   lavendar

There weren’t a ton of blooms, but that’s ok. I am happy that it bloomed! The photo on the right shows the pretty lavender tucked beside the hydrangea. It smells so good!

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