Necessity, the mother of invention, can be green, too!

My spice cabinet is tiny, only 10 inches in width. I am short, only 5’2″ with shoes on. I can’t see above the first shelf of most of the cabinets in my kitchen so I have a nifty little wooden stool that resides in the pantry that I pull out when I need to get something off the upper shelves or just to see further back in the lowest shelf.

While painting the kitchen cabinets, I decided my spice cabinet needed those tiered shelves. You know the ones that allow you to see all of your spices at once. Like this…
Tiered Shelves

Well, I looked and I looked and I looked and I looked. I never found any that were smaller than 12 inches wide and that would be too wide for my cabinets. I also didn’t really want to purchase something as simplistic as a rack to set my spices on. It just wasn’t a real need! One day while cleaning up the garage, I found a small piece of 2×4 with a little bit of shelf paper stuck to it and the idea hit me! I can make my own tiered shelves to fit my cabinet!

tieredshelves_01     tieredshelves_02

I cut an old 2×4 into 3 – 10 inch pieces to fit the width of my cabinet and covered them with the shelf paper that matched the inside of my cabinets. The back row is 2 of the ‘shelves’ stacked on top of each other and then 1 shelf placed in front of those, giving me 3 tiers to stack my spices. The 2×4 is the perfect width even for the larger spice containers that are on the back tier. Pretty dang nifty, even if I did do it myself!

Everything I needed just happened to be in my garage or kitchen to create these little shelves. I recycled old lumber saving it from the landfill, created a much appreciated feature in our kitchen, saved money ($0 spent on this project) and organized my spices. Just look around… you never know what you might find in your own home that will fix a need, or a want! It’s cool to be green.

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