Still in the kitchen

Being the neat freak that I am, I absolutely hate kitchen drawers. Everything just gets smashed into the drawer. I can never find what I am looking for and end up with a fork tine or toothpick or something stuck under a fingernail. I also hate measuring cups in a drawer. They wobble around, get stuck when you try to open the drawer and I inevitably get them all dirty trying get just the one I need.
kitchen_utensils_01So I fixed my problems. I bought heavy duty magnetic hooks and placed them on the side of the refrigerator. Now all my measuring cups have a designated home and they aren’t getting shoved around in a drawer.

I need new measuring cups, too, by the way. Possibly a Christmas gift from someone?

The silverware drawer was also a major problem. I must have bought 4 or 5 silverware trays before I realized they just don’t make one to fit this drawer! I didn’t want to move the silverware drawer across the kitchen to a larger drawer, because this drawer made sense. It just didn’t work properly. I fixed that, too!

I found some scrap pieces of wood from some project I don’t remember. Cut them to fit my drawer and cut the dividers. Then, I nailed and glued it all together, slapped a couple of coats of white paint on it and called it done.

My silverware doesn’t slide all the way back in the drawer anymore. I’m happy. Life is good.

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