Kitchen Makeover

When we bought this house 3 years ago, the kitchen looked like this…

Yes. That is a red wall and extends all the way down into the living room. The cabinets are the cheap builder grade cabinets that were installed in the house in 1980 when it was built. GOLD, yes gold, not almond, countertops and black appliances.

I knew immediately that the cabinets would be painted. Why? Because this was the way it has always been done in my house. See exhibit A & B below.

Exhibit A

Our first house on Winona built in the 1920’s. I love that house. Still miss it! The cabinets were not original to the kitchen but were there when we bought the house. The green trim is funky. Miss that, too.

Moving on…

Exhibit B
Exhibit B

Our second home The Burncoate kitchen (after the remodel). This home had a very small kitchen but still very pretty and clean looking!

Do you see a recurring theme yet?

White cabinetry!

And now, The Westcliffe kitchen. Before & After…


Still the same gold counter tops, but now they work with the color scheme. The walls to the left of the refrigerator & above the cabinets are a dark chocolate brown. The backsplash area and right wall are a light taupe color. The cabinets are painted a marshmallow white (not stark white, they have just a hint of yellow). We added bead board to the island area and the single cabinet in the right front of the photo (also shown below). Mr. installed a new white sink and dishwasher and then updated the look of the cabinets by adding crown molding to the top of the cabinet frame. Mr.’s dad gave us their old microwave, which was only a year old, when they remodeled their kitchen and installed stainless appliances. The stove is the only appliance we need to replace now.


Painting the cabinets was a daunting task, but I finally got it finished. I primed one cabinet and waited, then painted one cabinet and waited, let it completely dry, moved the stuff back into it and moved on to the next cabinet. That was the only way I knew how to get it done without the entire kitchen being moved to the living room while I painted. Plus, I am a slow painter and I wanted to be able to use my kitchen every evening to cook. Cleaning up and putting away supplies every afternoon took a little time but with patience, I achieved the desired effect… almost. I’m still toying with the idea of glazing to make them look old. Maybe next year.

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